Sophia d'Antoine

Leveraging her prowess as a cybertech entrepreneur and security researcher, Sophia develops the business and plots the direction of Reibase. She’s also focused on how Reibase can shore up critical open-source dependencies (NatSec) using a stakeholder model.

Dorian Sebastian Key

As a pythonista with an investment banker’s heart, Dorian guides the financial planning aspects of Reibase. He gives us considerable experience to navigate the capital market and tech business landscape.

David Szigeti

His experience with shareholder activism and computing is utilized to execute all aspects of Reibase’s vision. David is the creator of Turbosrc and its stakeholder model.

Jeffrey Wood

Jeff is a versatile member of our team with a background in both fine art and full stack development. As a designer, he brings a creative eye to our web apps and the front-end.