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Get your backlog of pull requests unstuck, reward your best contributors, and foster community around your project.

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Introducing Solaris

Solaris is a platform for distributing a quantifiable amount of influence in a code base or project. These are referred to as credits. By assigning credits based on the quality and quantity of contributions, project maintainers can foster a collaborative environment where contributors feel valued and motivated to engage actively.

Multi Party Development

Credits can be applied to proposed changes to the project thus enabling maintainers to strategically distribute influence, ensuring that key stakeholders have the appropriate level of input in decision-making processes.

Project Sustainability

Ultimately, customizable credit allocation promotes transparency, accountability, and efficiency in project management, driving the success and sustainability of the project.

Integrates with GitHub, Gitlab, and more to come.

Tame PR Chaos, Amplify Project Quality

Not all pull requests are created equal. Solaris empowers your team to navigate a backlog of PRs with finesse, efficiently managing varying degrees of relevance and quality. Say goodbye to PR chaos and hello to elevated project quality with our precision PR management features.

Empower Your Contributors

Grant your team a stake in the project with Solaris, enabling them to vote on proposed changes. Each vote holds weight, and decisions are enacted based on the collective outcome. This democratic approach not only empowers contributors but also fosters ownership and accountability within the project community.

Incentivize valuable contributions

Influence matters. Whether you're managing a small team or a large community, tailor contributor credits to reflect their level of involvement and expertise. With this granular control, you can ensure that key stakeholders have the influence they need.

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